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Training Programs

With KPRUSH, a proprietary program for maximum performance is followed before implementing position specific drills. Athletes must first learn how to use proper biomechanics of speed training, body control, acceleration and deceleration for sports specific drills.

The goal of any program should be to improve overall athletic performance. We will provide the blueprint to place athletes in the best possible position to succeed.

Want Blazing Fast Speed and Insane Agility?
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The term sport specific training means that your pre-season plan must prepare the athlete to meet the energy system demands of the sport but at some point position specific drills must be implemented.

The KPRUSH Athletic Speed Development system provides drills that can be utilized to improve position play. KPRUSH Athletic Speed Develop consists of:

  • Ten (10) customized speed development sessions (Approx 1hour)
  • Two Interactive Sports Development Sessions Per Week


KPRUSH teaches the fundamental mechanics to lay the foundation necessary for your athletes to dominate!

Implementing proper speed training drills is vital for athletes and teams who want to be successful. KPRUSH reinforces proper body positioning on every sprint and drill, placing your athlete in the best possible position for them to maximize their full potential.


With KPRUSH, athletes learn how to position your body when accelerating and decelerating which allows players to change direction faster.

Acceleration and Deceleration training is one of the most important aspects of becoming agile. Athletes that can accelerate, decelerate, stabilize, change direction and reaccelerate without losing speed or balance will make the most plays on the field. The fastest athletes are the ones who know how to change direction while still maintaining high speed.


KPRUSH specializes in high performance elite athletic training. Customized training improves core strength and flexibility resulting in increased power output, which creates powerful athletes.

Through the use of Kettlebells, bungees, pulleys, hurdles, ladders, medicine balls and bags the “RUSH conditioning Program” delivers an unstoppable competitive atmosphere while adding a new dimension to your advanced training program. Customized Plyometric Training produces fast powerful athletes of all ages and athletic levels.