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Protein Timing for Athletes

When discussing protein ingestion timing with regards to athletes, Bill Campbell, in his paper for the National Strength and Conditioning Association, defines an “Athlete” as someone who easily accumulates over 10 hours per week of “high intensity, sports specific practices and resistance exercise programs”.

If this adequately describes your activity level, in order to get the most out of your workouts and see the best results regarding protein synthesis and lean muscle mass gains, you’ll want to make sure that the nutrient protein is readily available to your body.

For resistance training (Weight Lifting), studies have shown that consuming protein right before or after will give better results than training alone. With endurance training (Running), the study by the American College of Sports Medicine suggests that protein supplementation immediately after training provides the best results for improvement.

If your Sports Specific Practices contain elements of both endurance and resistance training i.e. Football, Rugby, Lacrosse… the articles simply recommend ingesting a readily digested and absorbed protein source close to training. Both articles note that the type of protein and its method of delivery to the body affect absorption rates. Whey Protein, in liquid form as a protein shake, increases both the digestion and absorption rates of the protein.

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